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Alan Fletcher - 30 Yr Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate - I do not sell carpet. 


How Much Does 

New Carpet Cost?

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How Much Should I Spend on Carpet?


The more you spend, the better grade of carpet you will get. That's assuming you buy from a reputable carpet store.


If you spend too little, your carpet might wear out too fast. Spend too much and you will be paying more than is necessary. 





What grade of carpet will meet your needs and goals. To reveal how much you need to spend, start by taking my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test.



Now that you know your level of foot traffic. You can use the chart below to match up your foot traffic with the number of years you want your carpet to last. 

The Carpet prices shown below do not reflect how much it will cost for padding or installation. 



Installation prices vary depending on many factors including what part of the country you live in, how difficult your project is and what style and grade of carpet you select. 




Carpet Cost vs. Longevity

Average Carpet Only Prices Shown, Not Including Pad or Install


Average Cost

Per Square Yard

or Square Foot

Low Foot Traffic

Medium Traffic

Moderate Traffic



Last 5 Years

$15 / 1.66

$20 / 2.22

$25 / 2.78

$30 / 3.33

Last 10 Years

$20 / 2.22

$25 / 2.78

$30 / 3.33

$35 / 3.88

Last 15 Years

$25 / 2.78

$30 / 3.33

$35 / 3.88

$40 / 4.44

Last 20 Years

$30 / 3.33

$35 / 3.88

$40 / 4.44

$45+ / 5.00+



Obviously, spending just $15 per yard on new carpet won't get you the highest quality, but it will last quite a while in low traffic settings.


Proper Carpet care and maintenance can greatly extend your carpet's life span. Visit my Carpet Care Guide to learn how to make your carpet last years longer. 


On the other hand, if you buy the highest quality carpet and don't take care of it, it will certainly wear out faster than you might expect. 


Most homeowners experience some degree of "sticker shock" when they discover how much new carpet is going to cost. The total price with pad and installation will be higher than most expect.


You might need to save up more money before you purchase new carpet. You might consider completing your project in two or more stages. 


However, you shouldn't settle for a lower grade of carpet that cannot handle your level of foot traffic!






Basic Carpet Cost Guidelines




(Pad and install not included)


1. Medium-Quality Residential Carpet 


If you don't plan on being in your home forever you might not want to spend a fortune buying the highest quality carpet right now. 


Most folks plan on having their carpet last for about 10 years. After that they plan on moving or changing the carpet to something different. 


The key to having your carpet last as long as possible is to choose the right grade for your application and to maintain it according to the manufacturer's guidelines.


Medium quality residential carpet is usually manufactured by a well-known brand names like Dream Weaver, Royalty, Mohawk, and Shaw to name a few. 


Typical Carpet Cost: Ranges from $30 to $45 per yard 

  • Carpet Face Weight: 35 to 45 ounce

  • Carpet Fiber: Nylon, Sorona PTT, Smartstrand

  • Common Styles: Plush, textured plush, sculptured, Berber, Cut Pile, Saxony

  • Typical Lifespan: 8 to 12 years


Padding Cost: Ranges from $4.00 - $6.50 per square yard.

  • Pad Type: Rebond, synthetic fiber, wool, rubber

  • Pad Thickness: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2".

  • Pad Density: 6 to 8 pound

  • Typical Lifespan: 8 to 15 years

  • Carpet Installation Cost


Learn more: Carpet Styles 2022





2. High-Quality Residential Carpet


High-quality residential carpet is usually manufactured by a well-known brand names like Lees, Gulistan, Karastan or Masland to name a few. In this Cost Breakdown I am referring to carpets made of 100% Nylon only. 



Typical Carpet Cost: Ranges from $45 to $65 per yard 

  • Carpet Face Weight: 38 to 60 ounce

  • Carpet Fiber: 100% Nylon BCF (continuous Filament)

  • Common Styles: Plush, Textured Plush, Frieze (Twist), Cut Pile, Saxony, Patterned Cut & Loop, Looped Berber and Cut-Pile Berber (California Berber)

  • Typical Lifespan: 12 to 20 years or more


Padding Cost: Ranges from $5.00 - $8.50 per square yard.

  • Pad Type: Rebond, synthetic fiber, rubber, wool felt

  • Pad Thickness: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2".

  • Pad Density: 6 to 10 pound

  • Typical Lifespan: 10 to 20 years

  • Carpet Installation Cost


Learn more: How to Select the Right Carpet Fiber





Why Do Salespeople PUSH Polyester?


Best Carpet


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Polyester & P.E.T. Polyester are among the cheapest fibers to manufacture which is often why carpet manufacturers, retailers and salespeople work so hard to convince homeowners to buy it. 


Due to its lack of resiliency, I believe polyester is best suited for low traffic applications. More about Carpet Fibers


When you buy a carpet made from Polyester... It translates into more profit for the carpet dealer, the carpet manufacturer, and higher commissions for salespeople too!



Learn more:


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