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Do You Have Low, Medium or Heavy Foot-Traffic In Your Home?


What grade of carpet will meet your needs, and goals? Your new carpet will wear out sooner than you expect unless the carpet you choose is capable of withstanding your home’s unique level of foot-traffic. 


Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test find out where you stand and determine what Grade of Carpet you should select for your home.



 Free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test 


Test Directions:


I created this simple test to help you determine your level of foot-traffic based on several key variables. To determine your Carpet Foot-Traffic Score, answer the following 6 questions carefully and add up your points:



1. How many adults live in your home?

  • Each adult (add 5 points for each adult)


2. Do you have children, teenagers or pets?

  • Child under 13 (add 4 points each child)

  • Teenager (add 6 points each teen)

  • Small pet (add 3 points each pet)

  • Large pet (add 6 points each pet)


3. Do you entertain or have grandchildren?

  • No (add 0 points)

  • Occasionally (add 2 points)

  • Often (add 6 points)




4. How often do you vacuum thoroughly?

  • Never (add 25 points)

  • Once a week (add 6 points)

  • Twice a week (add 3 points)

  • Three times (add 1 point)

  • Everyday (add 0 points)


5. How often are your carpets professionally cleaned?

  • Once a year (add 2 points)

  • Every 18 months (add 0 points)

  • Every third year (add 4 points)

  • Never (add 25 points)


6. How Large is Your Home?

  • Under 1000 sf (add 6 points)

  • 1500 sf. (add 4 points)

  • 2000 sf. (add 2 points)

  • 2500+ sf. (add 0 points)





10 to 24 points = You have Low Foot Traffic
25 to 34 points = You have Medium Foot Traffic
35 to 44 points = You have Moderate Foot Traffic
45 points & up  = You have Heavy Foot Traffic


Carpet Durability Guide Chart


First, locate a carpet you are interested in buying, then obtain all the Carpet Specifications from your carpet retailer. 


Then use this chart to help determine the level of durability for any carpet you are considering.


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Carpet Durability Guide




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