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You must be a wise consumer. You are searching the internet looking for useful, honest and unbiased carpet information, right? But even if you are successful in finding all the information you are looking for, buying carpet is not as easy as it used to be and there are a lot of ways you can be ripped off by unscrupulous carpet retailers. 


Turn on the news, everyone is getting ripped off these days, even savvy investors. Scams are everywhere and sadly, even in the carpet and flooring business. Many consumers fall prey to carpet scams because they trust and rely on what carpet salespeople say. You need to learn how to avoid carpet scams and not make costly mistakes. 


You've come to the right place. I am a 30+ year carpet expert and nationally recognized consumer advocate. If you want to learn how to save a bundle on carpet, make wise choices and avoid common carpet scams you need to do these steps: 


  1. Read through my website to learn how to choose new carpet wisely. Sitemap

  2. Take my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet you require.

  3. Print out my Carpet Durability Guide/Chart.

  4. Search my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory for a local dealer near you.

  5. Print out my free Coupon and Shopping Form.

  6. Shop for carpet at locally-owned shops and get several free measures / bids / estimates.

  7. Compare estimates and purchase new carpet from the dealer you trust most. 

  8. Read your new Carpet Warranty and follow the care and maintenance requirements.


I have just given you the secret to your carpet buying success. It's easy and it works, but you need to take your time!  Some people want to do things there own way. Some people think they know enough to buy carpet after reading just a few free articles. Some people prefer to learn things the hard way. 


George and Mary searched the internet for carpet buying information just like you are doing now. They took their time shopping, asked a lot of questions, compared prices and yet in the end, they still got the shaft. What did they do wrong? I'll tell you. 

Their nightmare could have been avoided if they knew what to do to guard themselves. Selecting new carpet can be very confusing, and you have a lot to lose if you are not careful. (Read George and Mary's tragic carpet story


Important Note:

Is your Carpet Installer Licensed, Bonded & Insured? Check Now to see if you carpet or flooring installer is subject to your State Licensing Regulations. You should always call to make sure who you hire is properly licensed, bonded and insured according to the State and Local Laws where you live. You can also check to see if there have been any prior complaints filed against the contractor in question. http://www.howtobuycarpet.com/contractor_state_license_requirements.htm



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