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About Carpet Salespeople - Be Careful Who You Trust!

By Alan Fletcher - Consumer Advocate


Don't Blindly Trust the Advice From Carpet Salespeople!


There are a lot of helpful and knowledgeable carpet and flooring salespeople who will take the time help you make wise and informed choices.


However, there are many more salespeople who are not very experienced or knowledgeable enough to help you make wise and informed choices. How can you tell the difference?


Most salespeople are paid on commission. This means they make their paycheck based on the amount of sales they make during their pay period. No sale means no pay. Some flooring salespeople are so desperate to make a sale that they might say or do whatever it takes to close the sale. 


Just because they work at a carpet store doesn't automatically mean they are qualified to help you select the right carpet for your needs, goals and lifestyle. Sadly, many Carpet Salespeople are hired because they are really good at closing the sale, not because they know a lot about the carpet and flooring products they sell. 



  1. Beware of carpet salespeople who initially ask you how much you have to spend on your project.

  2. Beware of carpet salespeople who don't ask you 20 questions about your specific carpet needs and goals. 

  3. Beware of carpet salespeople that applaud every carpet choice you make. Get several estimates and bids.

  4. Beware of carpet salespeople who expect you to buy right now, and say the sales price is only honored today.

  5. Never buy from any carpet salesperson who pressures you or strong-arms you into buying today. 

  6. Never buy from any carpet salesperson who you feel is not sufficiently knowledgeable, honest or trustworthy.


Do not automatically assume that the carpet salespeople you encounter are sufficiently knowledgeable about the products they sell. Many carpet salespeople are not well trained about the products they sell, they have little or no "hands on" experience and perhaps even worse, they often don't really care if you choose wisely. 


What they really care about is "closing the sale" and making as much profit from your purchase as possible. This advice is not just about carpet or flooring, but in any situation where you need to make a purchase of significant cost or expense. From re-roofing your home, to buying a new home appliance... You need to do your homework and make sure you know exactly what you get for your hard-earned money.



Never allow any salesperson to make your carpet choices for you! 


Salespeople can't be held liable for your carpet selection no matter what they may have told you or product they may have suggested. 


If you agree to buy a certain type or grade of carpet...even if the salesperson tells you it would be a good choice for you... YOU are still solely responsible for the choice you make and any future outcome. You cannot go back and blame the salesperson for advising you wrongly! 


To avoid this common consumer mistake, take the time to learn as much about buying carpet as you can - long before you make any final carpet choices! Get several bids or estimates and compare them side by side. My website has dozens of useful pages and information to help you make wise and informed carpet choices. 


In the hand-selected flooring stores I personally recommend in my directory, the salespeople are knowledgeable about the products they offer. I am confident they will go the extra mile to help you select the correct flooring product to meet your needs, lifestyle and goals. Even so, I suggest you verify the facts and make choices based on more than just the advice of one salesperson. 


Now let me be clear... there are plenty of honest, hardworking and trustworthy salespeople out there, but there are pushy salespeople out there too. The important thing is for you to make sure you make wise and informed carpet buying choices. 


Check out my Preferred Carpet Dealers to see who I recommend near you. 


Advice from carpet salespeople, knowledgeable flooring salespeople, experienced carpet salespeople, trust carpet salespeople.



Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers

It's getting harder to find a reputable carpet dealer these days! That's why I've created my own special hand-picked list of over 400 locally-owned Carpet Dealers who offer Free estimates, Fair prices, Knowledgeable staff, Honest measuring and Qualified installers! See who I recommend Near You!



















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