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50-State License Requirements & Regulations 


Are you looking to hire a qualified carpet installer or home improvement contractor? You had better be careful who you hire if you want to get your job done right the first time!  


But do you know how to protect yourself from some of the common legal problems that homeowners can encounter?


Before hiring any installer or contractor, you would be wise make sure your they have met your state’s requirements for licensing, surety bond and business liability insurance. 


You may also check to see if there have been any prior consumer complaints filed against the contractor in question. 


Here is the latest information I have: 


State License Requirements

You may need to call to verify that your installer is properly licensed with the state you live in. 





New Carpet Buying Checklist (free)


Carpet Buying Checklist - Carpet ProfessorIf there are no licensing regulations governing carpet or flooring installers in your state you need to place more emphasis on checking references. 


Your best protection may be withholding your final payment until you are completely satisfied with your carpet installation. 


You need to do a walkthrough with your installer after your new flooring is installed. Here are some things to look out for.



You Must Inspect Your New Carpet (before the installer leaves):


1. Do all the seams look good? (No seam is invisible)

2. Are all the seams in the right locations?

3. Is the carpet securely attached to the tack strips?

4. Is the carpet neatly tucked in along the walls?

5. Is the carpet nap all going in the same direction? (in adjoining areas)

6. Is the carpet stretched in tightly? (did they use a power-stretcher?)

7. Have all the doors and heat vents been put back in place?

8. Have all the leftover scraps been picked up?

9. Get your installation warranty in writing

10. Get the name and phone number of the installer.


How To Find an Experienced and Qualified Carpet Installer


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The information provided herein may not be accurate or up-to-date. I am not offering any legal advice, just giving you some information to help you avoid some potential pitfalls. If you need legal advice please contact your lawyer or consult an attorney. 




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