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How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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Alan, why do you only recommend locally-owned Carpet Dealers?

I answer thousands of carpet questions every year, many emails are from homeowners who are unhappy with the carpet they purchased from a national carpet retailer. These include 

  • Home Improvement Warehouses

  • Nationally advertised Carpet Franchises

  • 1-800 Shop-at-Home Retailers

Homeowners write to me hoping I can help them get their carpet problems resolved. They are often upset or angry about they way they are being treated when they call the dealer for help. Unfortunately for most homeowners, it's already too late and the damage has been done. By the time they email me they often say something like...


"Every time I call the store to ask for help they say they will call me right back... but they never do!  Or they say... "I've been calling and calling and trying to get someone from the retailer to come out and take a look at my carpet problem! It's been more than a month!" 


Even if someone does show up to see what you are complaining about they may not be willing to accept any responsibility. They will likely blame you for not taking proper care of your carpet. If you have kids or pets, they may blame them for causing the problem. If you had your carpet cleaned recently, they may blame the carpet cleaning company for creating the problem. 


They might even blame your vacuum for being too powerful. No matter what they say, most consumers are not prepared for the hoops they must jump through in order to get anyone to do anything about the carpet problem. It can takes months to get a remedy, if you get a remedy at all.


The 3 most common carpet complaints I hear...

1. Bad or Poor Installation

Most of the time, consumers end up having an installation problem. It's hard to get qualified installation these days, especially when you buy from a "big box" carpet retailer. They farm out all their installations to subcontractors, some good, some not so good. When carpet is installed improperly the carpet will start to wrinkle, ripple or buckle in the main walkways, on stairs and hallways. 


To fix the problem, the furniture needs to be moved out again and the carpet needs to be re-stretched. Unfortunately most installation warranties expire after one year, so if you don't call and get it resolved within the first year you will have to pay to have the carpet re-stretched. Bad installation can easily cost you hundreds in repair and re-stretch fees and potentially reduce the life span of your carpet. 



2. Defective Carpet

Sometimes homeowners end up with a defective carpet. Usually it is a appearance issue where the color is lighter here and darker over there. Sometimes tufts are coming loose or the backing is defective. In this case, a representative from the carpet manufacturer will need to see your carpet and determine if you qualify for any adjustment or correction. This means you might get a partial in-store credit to have a portion of the carpet replaced. 


If you are lucky enough to get any credit at all you may still be responsible for paying for furniture moving and installation of the replacement carpet. Take another day off work, move furniture around and wait around for the installers to show up. Be prepared: The replacement carpet may not quite match your existing carpet. 



3. Low-Quality Carpet

The worst thing that can go wrong is when your carpet mats down. The tufts were once soft, upright and fluffy. Now they are laying down flat as a pancake and look worn out. You can clean, rake or vacuum all you want but nothing will bring them back to life, ever!. This means you have bought a poor quality carpet, likely made from a Polyester, or a P.E.T. Polyester fiber. You have been charged big money for cheapo carpet! 


Carpets made with these cheap and non-resilient fibers are prone to matting and crushing and there is no warranty coverage for it. When this happens, it's game over for you. When you call to complain and get no resolution, your blood-pressure can rise to new heights!


Have You Read Your Carpet Warranty?

It amazes me to know how few homeowners actually take the time to read the manufacturer's carpet warranty. It certainly is an eye opener! Carpet warranties are worded in such a way that it practically takes an act of congress to substantiate a valid claim. 


Homeowners are required to follow strict care and maintenance procedures or the warranty will be voided. This includes periodic cleanings, proper stain removal techniques, and selecting a carpet that is suitable for your application. 


Simply put, you have to make sure you select a carpet that is designed to handle your level of foot traffic. If you don't, they will say you have abused your carpet and the warranty is null and void. 



Why Should You Buy From a Reputable "Locally Owned" Carpet Dealer?

Even if you do have a problem or concern with your carpet, you won't get the same runaround if you buy from a reputable, family-run carpet dealer. They can't afford to have angry or unsatisfied customers. These are your neighbors who have built their longstanding business and reputation based on honesty, integrity and word-of-mouth advertising. 


They will go the extra mile to provide first-class service to you and have a vested interest in your community. They hire and train local people and pay their fair share of state and local taxes to help support your local schools, maintain your roads and so much more. They stand behind their products & workmanship and will help you every step of the way from start to finish to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase!


You don't usually get this level of commitment and customer service if you buy from a nationally-franchised carpet flooring retailer.



About The Carpet Professor:

Looking to buy new carpeting but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, options and potential scams? The Carpet Professor's website is a free unbiased carpet information resource and buying guide for consumers. Alan Fletcher is a retired 30-year industry expert and consumer advocate. He maintains a special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores to recommend to his readers.


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My Recommended Carpet Stores


Recommended Carpet and Flooring Dealers"I Only Recommend Locally-Owned Stores with Superior Service, Quality Products and Qualified Installers."


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