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Nylon Carpet Cost and Prices

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Lets take a look at the cost of a typical residential NYLON carpet and how long a carpet might last depending on your application and what grade or quality level you choose. 



To learn what grade of carpet you may need to select for your home, take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test.



1. Apartment Grade Carpet 


Average Longevity:

  • Low traffic                  5 years

  • Medium traffic            4 years

  • Heavy traffic              3 years

Average Cost per square yard installed $18.00 to 25.00

  • Carpet Cost $12.00 to 18.00 per sq. yd. 

  • Specifications - 24 to 28 ounce face-weight, 100% Nylon fiber. 

  • Fiber: Staple or Continuous Filament

  • Pad Cost $2.75 to 3.50 per sq. yd.

  • Pad Specs - 3/8" to 7/16" Rebond pad, 3 to 6 pound density.

  • Installation Cost $3.50 to 5.00 per sq. yd. 

There is no manufacturer's warranty for carpet installed on rental property. Shaw and Mohawk both make plenty of apartment-grade textured plush style carpets to choose from. Looped Berber styles made of Olefin are not recommended for rental properties because they snag easily, are hard to keep clean and do not tolerate heavy foot traffic.



2. Builder Grade Carpet


Average Longevity

  • Low traffic                   8 years

  • Medium traffic             6 years

  • Heavy traffic                4 years

Average Cost for Carpet, Pad & Installation - $28 to $40 per square yard 

  • Carpet Cost $15.00 to 25.00 per sq. yd. 

  • Specifications - 28 to 35 ounce face-weight, 100% nylon fiber. 

  • Fiber: Staple or Continuous Filament

  • Pad Cost $2.00 to 3.00 per sq. yd.

  • Pad Specs - 3/8" to 7/16" Rebond pad, 5 to 6 pound density.

  • Installation Cost $3.75 to 5.25 per sq. yd. 

Many home builders require homebuyers to select carpet upgrades from the builders predetermined sources. The builder may receive a monetary kickback from any upgrades selected.


3. Upgraded Residential Carpet


Average Longevity

  • Low traffic                 12 years

  • Medium traffic             9 years

  • Heavy traffic                7 years


  • Carpet Cost $20.00 to 30.00 per sq. yd. 

  • Specifications - 30 to 40 ounce face-weight, 100% Nylon BCF fiber. 

  • Fiber: Continuous filament

  • Minimum Carpet Density 1800

  • Minimum Tuft Twist 4.5

  • Pad Cost $3.50 to 4.50 per sq. yd.

  • Pad Specs - 3/8" to 7/16" Rebond pad, 6 to 8 pound density.

  • Installation Cost $3.75 to 6.25 per sq. yd. 

Check installer qualifications and references, make sure a power stretcher is used. Select from Berber, Plush, Saxony, Textured Plush, frieze, or Sculptured styles. There is no carpet warranty for any carpet installed on stairs. 



4. High Quality Residential Carpet


Average Longevity

  • Low traffic                  20 years

  • Medium traffic             15 years

  • Heavy traffic                12 years

Total Cost for Carpet, Pad & Installation - $48 to $75 per yard.

  • Carpet Cost $35.00 to 60.00 per sq. yd. 

  • Specifications -

  • Fiber: Continuous Filament

  • Minimum Carpet Density 2500

  • Minimum Tuft Twist 5.0

  • Pad Cost $4.50 to 6.50 per sq. yd.

  • Pad Specs - 3/8" to 7/16" Rebond pad, 6 to 8 pound density.

  • Installation Cost $4.75 to 8.25 per sq. yd. 


Berber, Frieze and Cut & Loop styles wear exceptionally well. You must use a well-qualified installer for this grade of carpet. Popular carpet brands are Stainmaster, Karastan, and Royalty. Non branded carpets are Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulieu. There is no carpet warranty for any carpet installed on stairs. Visit my Carpet Care Guide to learn how to make your carpet last years longer.



Note: Many factors contribute to the longevity of carpets. This is a basic estimate of carpet longevity and cost. it assumes you follow the manufacturers maintenance and care guidelines. The more foot traffic you have in your home, the faster your carpet will wear out. The purpose of the information on this web page is to help you choose a suitable carpet to meet your needs, goals, budget and lifestyle. Having pets in the home was not factored into the estimates of this guide.


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