Alan's Preferred Carpet & Flooring Dealers

The Carpet and Flooring Dealers listed in my directory are all locally owned and hand-picked by me personally. They must pass my own special set of strict requirements to be listed. Inclusion is by invitation only and no dealer can "buy" their way onto my Preferred List.

- Alan  Fletcher


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What Makes Your Preferred Carpet and Flooring Dealers Special?


It takes ALL my years of Carpet and Flooring knowledge and experience to locate, research and verify the Carpet dealers I recommend to my readers. Over the years I have mastered the skill of knowing how to recognize a bad carpet dealer, but I also know how to recognize and verify an honest and reputable carpet dealer when I find one. I think it's about a 12:1 ratio of "bad carpet dealers" verses "good carpet and Flooring dealers". 


When I am searching for a reputable dealer in a medium sized town or city, I consistently find that there are about 10 to 15 carpet dealers that fail to pass all my requirements to every 1 carpet dealer that successfully passes all my strict rules and requirements for inclusion. Sometimes I can't even find one carpet dealer who is able to pass all my rules, requirements and expectations. 



Don't take my word for it!


I suggest you visit several flooring dealers in your area and make up your own mind for yourself. I am confident that you will discover that the Carpet Dealers I recommend are honest and reputable and will go the extra mile to earn your business and treat you right! Don't automatically go with the dealer who has the lowest price... The carpet or flooring you select must be able to withstand your level of foot-traffic! 


Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet you need to buy!



You Do the Math!


I've already done most of the legwork for you! Every flooring dealer I recommend is carefully hand-picked, one at a time, and they must pass my all my rules and requirements to be included in my directory! This saves you from getting a big headache from having to search the internet to locate possible dealers, then driving all over town and spending countless hours looking, searching and listening to carpet salespeople with bad advice who work for unscrupulous carpet retailers who only care about making the most money possible. 



Not all Homeowner Reviews or "Lists" you read online are real!


Don't waste your money on monthly subscriptions or membership fees! I highly suggest that you don't pay a monthly subscription fee just to read a list of online homeowner reviews  about carpet and flooring contractors and locally owned Carpet Retailers. Many shady business owners often ask their friends, co-workers and relatives to write up and submit fake, phony or bogus online reviews to make their businesses appear more reputable than they actually are. 


Why pay a monthly subscription fee for a list of bogus online reviews that may not be honest, accurate or real. I check out each and every carpet dealer I recommend personally, and I am uniquely qualified to review and recommend carpet dealers that I find to be honest and reliable. The information on my website is free, and it doesn't cost anything to access my directory.  See who I recommend near you!


Some flooring business owners are so ruthless that they will even post or submit fake and phony "negative reviews" against their nearby competitors! For these reasons and many, many more, you should realize that you really can't trust ANY online or subscription-based online consumer reviews to help you make wise and informed decisions. The fact is: You really have no way of knowing if the reviewer is competent, coerced, honest, educated, or experienced. 



If you plan to buy New Carpet anytime soon...


Buying new carpet is a major expense for most homeowners. Selecting the right carpet grade or quality is the MOST CRITICAL FACTOR!!! You also need to select the correct padding, and get qualified carpet installation. Most homeowners think they can make all the right choices but let me caution you. I offer my professional advice and information totally free of charge. All you have to do is read through my website and email me if you have any special carpet buying questions. 



Where you buy new Carpet or Flooring is most important.


The fact is, you really need to buy from a Reputable Carpet or Flooring Dealer who will treat you right, provide good service, have reasonable prices and provide quality installation. 


If you choose to visit one of my Preferred Carpet or Flooring Dealers, it's very important that you mention my name or my website in order to get your absolute best deal. Say that Referred you! Using my $100 off coupon is also a great way to let the dealer know I referred you. Thank you!

As a Consumer Advocate since 1998 and a 30-year veteran of the carpet business, I know how hard it is to get a fair & square deal on new carpet. That's why I personally hand-pick each and every carpet dealer listed in my Preferred Carpet and Flooring Dealer Directory. I choose my preferred carpet dealers very carefully using my own special set of rigid requirements. It takes hours of research for me to locate and identify a reputable dealer and then once I do, I put them to the test. 


You may have to drive a little farther to visit one of my preferred carpet dealers but I'm sure it will be well worth the trip! Be sure to print out my free coupon and I suggest you call ahead to set up a convenient time to visit their store.


The Lowest Price


If you shop around and get several bids from various carpet retailers, don't automatically buy from the dealer with the lowest bid. While getting the absolute lowest price is important, the lowest price isn't always the best deal if you get cheap padding or lousy installation.  


Too good to be true...


Many unsuspecting homeowners are lured in by television commercials claiming huge discounts on carpet installation or getting two rooms of carpet for the price of one. Folks, in today's carpet business you get what you pay for! There is always a catch to these offers, usually they sell inferior products and overcharge you on some items to make up for the discount on other items. If it sounds too good to be true then it likely is. 


I firmly believe that first-class customer service and qualified installation are just as valuable and important as the carpet and padding you select. It doesn't matter if you get the lowest price on materials if the installation is done poorly. It also doesn't matter if you get the lowest carpet price if it is poorly made and doesn't last as long as you hope. Buying carpet is confusing, complicated and frustrating. That's why I created this website, to help homeowners make wise and informed carpet choices. 



Why Do You Only Recommend Locally-Owned Carpet and Flooring Dealers? 


I answer thousands of emails every year and hear plenty of horror stories from unsuspecting homeowners who have bought carpet or Flooring from the big box stores or those heavily advertised shop-at-home services. The list of consumer complaints is too long to list here. You can search the internet yourself and find plenty of complaints to read if you like. Buying Carpet and Flooring is a major expense and you deserve to get treated fairly!


That's why I only support and recommend only a select few honest and reputable, locally-owned carpet and Flooring dealers. These are your neighbors who have been in business for a number of years, have a good reputation, provide first class service have a vested interest in your community. They pay state and local taxes that help support your local schools, maintain your roads and so much more. They stand behind their products and workmanship and will be there for you, from start to finish,  to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase!



Keep in touch with me!


I really want to hear about all your experiences with any carpet dealer you choose to buy from and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Email me as often as you like. I want to help you choose your Carpet and Flooring wisely and help you negotiate a great carpet or flooring deal. 



Alan Fletcher - Author and Consumer Advocate



Alan's Preferred Carpet and Flooring Dealers

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